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as translated from Chinese, literally means "wind" and "water" respectively, so it represents the energetic force of the universe, the ebb and flow of tides and the energetic flow underlying all life.  as presented here, it is an approach to interior design t​hat recognizes and allows this mystery to permeate into the way we live by expressing our personal style on multiple levels in our surroundings,. It is the underlying energetic force at work formulating the way we breathe, think, speak, act, work, love, play and exist within our environments. It is the very nature of our being-ness. It is the spiritual essence of our movement in time and space, and is reflected, when utilized to its maximum benefit, in the energetic integration of heaven and earth in our built environments. 


"fung shui" is a high frequency, inspired  approach to living. it implies creating a natural, positive energy flow in your life and environments to attract abundance and prosperity. it's applies to multiple dimensions of your life, whether at work, at home or elsewhere, in your daily interactions with others, your health and relationships. it is a way of living in a positive, productive and successful manner.  it is making  positive changes to your outlook to expand positive change into the world.  creating beautiful, comfortable environments to live, work and play in is essential to prosperous living, which is what we do to assist our clients in creating visions for their new worlds.  


when preparing ourselves for a major shift in our lives, in this case a move to a new home or business or an upgrade of an existing space,  it becomes necessary to examine our possessions, make decisions to re-use, discard or store them on or off-site.  this process of cleaning out manifests on the physical plane, yet it is an inner exercise which focusses our efforts toward removing items and services no longer needed, prioritizing the needs of the new project and integrating our existing belongings/possessions into the function and appearance of the new environment. we only take along what fits into our new vision.  this first step is largely an internal review, an inventory of our operation, and is crucial to take to create necessary order to minimize  any chaos the move or project may create. it also opens our awareness to exciting new possibilities that can enter as a result of the change. 


once the inner work, the program is roughed out, we begin the actual removal, relocation or storage process. it is here where we bring into the physical plane the decisions we began to contemplate during the prior step of inner work. As we continue to build in this process, we add to our ideas and visions of the new project and bring into focus our desires for the new space. As we clear out the old items that no longer serve us, we create a vacuum whereby the new ideas and visions can flow in and populate the future environment. 



The following information gives a detailed explanation of how feng shui works in the design process. It is hoped the prospective client would make use of it to get the full value of our work and participate to the maximum extent possible in the design of their new project. 


feng shui philosophy utilizes an analytical approach to the layout of space according to ancient traditions in the use of a "bagua" diagram to organize the placement of functions, or "energetic centers" within the home or work environment. "feng shui" is based on the idea that your space mirrors your life. the "bagua" is a mapping tool that helps manifest your dreams and goals into reality by providing a formula to organize and enhance nine significant areas of your life, referred to as energy centers. Certain energetic centers are more appropriate for home, and some for commercial. We can be creative in highlighting these functions as the project comes to life.

energy centers

 the nine energy centers on the "bagua" diagram are identified as wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and relationships, family, health and well being, creativity and children, knowledge and wisdom, career, helpful people. 

the balancing of "Yin" [feminine] and "Yang" [masculine] elements within oneself is crucial to enabling the highest and best outcome for the flow of energy in your new space. the masculine energy is direct and focussed, while the feminine energy is circular and flowing. their relationship and balance throughout the environment is fundamental in achieving good design. understanding how the energy centers operate in your new project we can then utilize your creativity, excitement and belief in the placement of enhancements (color, plants, artwork, metals, water, wood, natural lighting, crystals, wind chimes, etc.) to help you achieve your dreams and goals in an innovative way, unique to your own project.  

public areas

entryways, foyers, reception areas, exterior [frontal] facades, landscapes and parking. All of these areas speak to the visitors and occupants and significantly offer first impressions which are often lasting. it is vital that these spaces convey a sense of beauty, order, prosperity and abundance if one is to be successful in achieving ones goals. therefore these locations are placed high on the list of quick fixes to spruce up an existing place, or when considering a new image for a home or place of business. 


In addition to applicable public areas noted above, certain energetic centers are obviously more suited to residential spaces, while others are more appropriate to business. oftentimes, there is an overlap between home and business in today's world. utilizing the Bagua in considering the most beneficial placement of items within a room or space within the dwelling is utilized as part of our approach, while we also maintain flexibility from this technique in final determination and placement of functions most appealing and comfortable to our clients . 


Understanding that the public areas of approach to the space are of high value concerning the public image of the business, equally important is the motivation, confidence, health, well being and satisfaction of the employees by creating and maintaining a vibrant and highly productive atmosphere. applying the principles of "feng shui" to the technologies of business ie. cleaning out files on laptops, desktops, phones etc. on a regular basis can aid in creating order in both the built and technological worlds of the worker. We begin this in the built environment creating light, airy, well ventilated, clean, attractive and well organized, inviting spaces. appropriately laid out to meet the needs of the particular commerce associated with the client. 

 quick tips for new project

  • clear clutter from all environments;
  • remove, give away, sell items no longer of use;
  • make a wish list of dream items and services you want for your new project;
  • imagine your favorite items finding a home in your new space;
  • make a list of successful outcomes you envision for yourself by undertaking this new project;
  • envision the impact your project will have on your friends, family, community and world;
  • imagine your project having a beautiful impact on all who come into contact with it;
  • imagine building more of these projects and spreading the joy throughout your realms of influence

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